How to cite data in the EIDC catalogue

Data are a vital part of the scientific research process and proper citation of data should be a significant feature of research publications.  By citing data, you give the data creators the acknowledgement they deserve and you help other researchers to more easily identify and locate the data. See Citing Data for more information.

Details of the citation and acknowledgement that should be used for our data are shown in the heading of each dataset record.


You can also see this in the "Get the data" section.

We recommend you use the following format for your citations:

Creator (Publication year): Title. Publisher. (Type of resource) .Identifier

For example

Kral, F.; Fry, M.; Dixon, H. (2015). Integrated Hydrological Units of the United Kingdom: Sections. NERC-Environmental Information Data Centre. (Dataset).

Different journals and publications may require different citation styles. If you need the citation in a specific style, the CrossRef DOI Citation Formatter service will help.

Reference management software

You can import EIDC citations into most popular reference management software (for example EndNote or Zotero). Simply click on the 'RIS' or 'BibTeX' icons to download the citation in that format and import the file into the management software.