Spatial (map) search

You can search the catalogue by location, using a map search

In the left-hand search panel, click on the "Spatial search" option - a map will appear
screenshot of search

Click on the draw tool. This will allow you to draw an area on the map
screenshot of draw tool

When you draw an area, the search results will change to show data resources in that area.
screenshot of search

"Intersects" and "Within"

When searching using the map, there are two search options which you can change using the toggle

Intersects finds data resources that are entirely or partially inside the area you are searching

Within only finds data resources that are entirely inside the search area

In the example below, an Intersects search would return datasets 1 2 and 3 because they all overlap the search area . A Within search would return only dataset 2 because it is the only one completely inside the search area.
spatial search options