Increase the impact of your science

At the EIDC we are committed to helping you manage and share your data. Open science is key to maximising the impact your research can have, increasing the visibility and transparency of your research, inspiring confidence in your work among your peers, the public and the research councils & funding bodies that invest in your work.

How the EIDC can help

We can provide expert advice on best practices in managing your research data and develop a a Data Management Plan (DMP) that facilitates the long-term storage of valuable data. We can also work with you to create effective metadata and supporting documentation to describe your data, facilitating both data discovery and re-use and boosting the potential impact of your research.

We can help to ensure your data is FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable). The FAIR principles are crucial to the integrity of the scientific research process, producing data that is reliable and has the greatest impact.

Why would this benefit you?

The EIDC can issue a Digital Object Identifier (DOI), a type of persistent identifier that can be used to cite your data in publications. This has wide reaching benefits for your data that include:

  • increasing recognition for you as the author of a data resource
  • increasing visibility and transparency of your work
  • opening the door to collaborative science
  • developing relationships across the science community
  • demonstrating good practice to funders
  • guaranteeing the security and integrity of the reference copy of your data
  • ensuring long-term access to maximise its potential

Find out more about data citation

We can help you maximise the impact your work can have, including use in domains outside of your own. Communication of knowledge is key to reaching audiences who can build on or benefit from your work, and as an author of the original data, you will receive credit whenever they are used. Data resources we hold are made available through our catalogue, the NERC data service, as well as Google and other search engines. 

To increase the reach of your research, start by depositing your data with us today!