NERC Environmental Data Service DOI policy

Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) are persistent identifiers for objects. The Environmental Information Data Centre (EIDC) assigns DOIs to the majority of the data resources deposited into its repository. All DOIs assigned by the EIDC are registered with DataCite and are compliant with their requirements.

The EIDC adheres to the NERC Environmental Data Service (EDS) DOI policy. If you require further information on how to obtain a DOI for your data, please see our Guidance on DOIs for NERC data or contact us directly.

DOIs can only be issued for data that are held by the EIDC. We therefore recommend that to ensure you receive your DOI in a timely manner you plan in advance and allow sufficient time to deposit your data. To start the deposit process please complete our deposit request form

Modifications to data with a DOI

Any major modification to a data resource will require a new DOI issuing. Examples of a major modification would be including additional values, or a change to a data value. Some minor modifications may not require a new DOI issuing. Examples of a minor modification would be correcting a typo or altering the order of the variables